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Alexander M. Iksanov - Teaching Activity

Teaching experience:

1997-31 October, 2002: lecturer at Operations Research Department,
1 November, 2002- 29 December, 2008: associate professor
30 December, 2008- present: professor

Standard courses taught:

linear algebra, mathematical analysis, operations research, information theory.

Special courses taught:

  1. "Basic notions in the theory of stochastic processes",
  2. "Statistics of shot noise processes with exponential response function",
  3. "Positive selfdecomposable distributions",
  4. "Some background for theories of characteristic functions and infinitely divisible laws";
  5. "Characteristic functions";
  6. "Infinitely divisible distributions";
  7. "Discrete-time martingales";
  8. "Elements of renewal theory".

Scientific seminars:

  1. "Interesting examples of stochastic processes",
  2. "Statistics of autoregrssive processes",
  3. "Mathorization theory with a view towards probability".

Electronic text-books in Ukrainian (електронні підручники):

  1. Методична розробка до проведення практичних занять з лінійного програмування
  2. "Деякі безмежно подільні розподіли на прямій"
Alexander M. Iksanov

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